We prevent suicide on social media.

We're a helpline that makes the first move.

Teens are posting in crisis online 24/7.

While moderating content through user reporting and AI may help slow contagion around suicide and self-harm, it isn’t going to stop young people posting online in distress.

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Without proactive intervention, the results are tragic.

From the UK to Malaysia to Norway,  young people are taking their own lives, their final posts a public record of their pain and plan.

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We find at risk users and offer confidential support, in-app.

We search public social data, assess posts, and reach out via direct message, offering confidential support. When the user opts-in, a trained Crisis Counsellor talks with them — never leaving the app.

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Supporting young people in over 55 countries.

Supporting young people in over 55 countries.

Right there with users in their toughest moments.

Independent reviewers Clinical Advisory Services Aotearoa found Live For Tomorrow Chat to be "radically genuine” and "effective in reducing distress" for its users.

"Thank you. Really. Thank you. I know this sounds dumb but I’ve set the blades away today."

"Seriously you reaching out means the world to me."

"Thank you so much for helping me. I am really grateful."

“Warm. Comforting. Supportive.”

“I felt hope for myself.”

“Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for you kindness.”

You have helped me a lot. Thank you."

“It made me feel like I deserve people who care.”

“That really helps me calm down a lot thank you!”

“It helped me feel less alone which was something I didn’t expect to help at all.”

Our leadership team

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Elliot Taylor

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Over 10 years’ experience in youth development and mental health support including General Manager of award-winning youth organization Zeal.

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Andrew Sutherland

Co-Founder, Clinical Advisor

Over 10 years’ experience in mental health crisis and support, including residential youth work and managing two youth helplines.

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Lauren Purse


9 years international experience in youth development, mental health crisis support, youth housing and mentoring, including Barnardo’s (UK) and Youthline (NZ).

Our frontline team is made up of a team of trained supervisors and crisis counsellors. Collectively they have experience in a wide range of mental health contexts including youth helplines, school counselling, mental health support work with adults, children, and on forensic psychiatric in-patient wards.

Partner with us

We believe user safety is not only about how distressing content affects the consumer — it’s about the safety of the person posting the content too. We work with social media companies to ensure the safety of their most vulnerable users.

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