LFT Guides Training
LFT Guides Training

Building better crisis support for the digital era.

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We’re a not-for-profit startup connecting people to free mental health help.

We build products that take meaningful help to people experiencing distress, all over the world.

We work with social media companies from the burgeoning to big, mental health missions of various shapes and sizes, and social influencers.

Our partners help us build beautiful products, backed by efficient systems, so we can reach and engage people experiencing distress, all over the world.

Our latest work: Find A Helpline

The internet is full of long and confusing mental health and crisis helpline lists, with outdated data and broken links.

Why is this a problem for people in crisis?

It’s too difficult to find relevant help, know who to trust, or just too hard to ask. This means people in crisis all over the world don’t access support.

Why is this a problem for organizations and businesses?

For news media and social platforms, helpline signposting is the go-to strategy to support users and offset risk. Self-managing lists costs time and is unreliable.

That's why we made Find A Helpline, a free tool that connects people to the right helpline for them, wherever they are.

Find A Helpline
Go to findahelpline.com

Meet the team

Elliot Taylor headshot

Elliot Taylor

Founder & Executive Director

Lauren Purse headshot

Lauren Purse

Director of People & Operations

Anna Woodd Headshot

Anna Woodd

Engagement Lead

Andrew Sutherland headshot

Andrew Sutherland

Clinical Advisor

Our frontline team is made up of a team of trained supervisors and crisis counsellors. Collectively they have experience in a wide range of mental health contexts including youth helplines, school counselling, mental health support work with adults, children, and on forensic psychiatric in-patient wards.

Insights from our team

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Partner with us

Our partners include helplines, not-for-profits, universities, social media platforms, technology companies, and social influencers.

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